Engineering in water and wastewater treatment


We have our own laboratory for water/wastewater chemical/microbiological analysis fully equipped with modern instruments, as spectrophotometers, microscopes, automatic flocculator and jar-test devices, automatic samplers, high precision balances, thermo reactors, so to give always a prompt, objective and coherent first answer to any problem we may be asked to face.

Among our services, thanks too to our internal laboratory and a sophisticated software we developed, we may offer full engineering and support, including:

  • Identification and detailed classification of the waste to be treated

  • Full computer simulations of “what if” for any biological treatment (organic carbon oxidation, nitrification and denitrification)
  • Process development and planning

  • Chemical/microbiological laboratory analysis of water, wastewater and sludge

  • Tests in pilot plants

  • Basic and detailed engineering

  • Assistance during construction

  • Full structural and functional testing for any kind of installation

  • Starting of the processes and setting of management programs

  • Optimisation of systems and processes

  • Search for products and suppliers

  • Software development on PLC and SCADA for remote control of plants



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